The Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Ohio

Organized January 8, 1895

9/11 Ceremony – A moving tribute.


Ohio Society President Craig Fisher brought two full size replicas of Ohio Militia regimental flags along with a wreath for the dedication.

September 11th Ohio Hilltop Ceremony – A fitting reminder of a nation’s sacrifice.
This Saturday, September 11th 2016 marked the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade center in New York City. As a way to not only mark this date but to also tie it to the broad sweep of history, The Ohio Society took its place amongst representatives of the SAR, DAR, SUV as well as other veterans’ organizations and elected officials, to honor veterans from a host of conflicts on a private cemetery. The Koontz/Carpenter cemetery had experienced heavy vandalism due in part to its remote hilltop location.  To the credit of the current owners and the SAR , they are beginning the long process of restoration of this all-but-forgotten family plot.

SAR president David Nessley, headed up and helped orchestrate what was an impressive visual and auditory experience. Accompanied by bagpipes the color guard discharged three volleys from their flintlocks. Additionally, the interned were “brought to life” by members of the color guard that gave testimony to their lives and experiences. A young talented violinist played two period pieces and a vocalist sing our Nation’s anthem. Additionally, a full and professionally trained fife and drum corp played over a dozen period pieces.


The SAR granite monument dedicated at the cemetery

Due to the nature of the road and its steep location, Transportation was provided by the sponsors in the form of a seated trailer pulled by tractor. This gave all the participants a chance to get acquainted.

Present for the rededication of a handsome granite monument, were living descendants of the Carpenter family. Interned in the cemetery off of Logan St. in Lancaster were veterans of the American Revolution, War of 1812, a Mexican War and as least 2 (or more) veterans of the Civil War.  Included among the veterans was a representative to Chillicothe statehood convention from Fairfield County who played a role in Ohio’s Constitution.


The broken and restored gravestone of Private Carpenter

Our 1812 veteran David Carpenter served in Colonel John Delong’s Regiment, Captain John Howell’s Company between 3 Sep 1813 and 3 Jan 1814. He died of pneumonia in June 1847.




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